Fall 2021 President's Report

It's been a busy Summer for the Brentwood Lake Club and I would like to take a moment to catch you up on some of the behind-the-scenes action that you may not be aware of.

Dam certification: Every 10 years, BLC has to certify that the lake's dam is safe and ensure there is an updated Emergency Action Plan on file with the California Office of Emergency Services. It is a long process that ensures inundation maps, emergency communications, plans, and processes are current and implemented effectively. Our plan was officially approved in late October.

Maintenance: A lot of work goes into keeping the lake looking as good as it does. We are exceeding grateful for Vicky and Steve Kelly and all the work that they do. If I were to list everything, I might not get to finish this post. The latest project includes upgrading of our exterior bathrooms. The members chose a cool gray pallet and the paining is nearly complete. We will continue the work upgrading our maintenance buildings in the Spring.

Events: Our Memorial Day Picnic and Shareholder Meeting may have had the largest turnout we have ever seen. It was another great season for Pot Luck Bingo and some heated competition. Our thanks goes out to Diane Costello for organizing and to everyone who attended.

Updated web site: A lot of work has gone into improving the web site this year. Now that more than half of members have signed up, we are able to communicate more frequently to keep you updated with changes at the lake. That makes it important for us to have an e-mail for all our members. Please take a moment and go to and sign up.

We're in the process of building a store where you will be able to buy Brentwood Lake merchandise and, with a little luck, pay your annual dues online next year. We will alert anyone who has signed up on the web site when that service becomes available.

We are also considering a phase-out the printed newsletter. The work required to communicate more frequently with you through the web site is a duplicate of effort. It would also save the lake the cost of postage. But we know many of you like getting the newsletter in the mail. So if you have an opinion, we would like to hear from you. Please email Len De Groot at or call him at (209) 213-8101.

Your Board: It's been a privilege to work with such a dedicated group. Day in and day out, they give their time and energy to make sure Brentwood Lake thrives. In addition to helping out around the lake, we rewrote bylaws that hadn't been updated in 50 years and modernized numerous lake rules. Here's a little of what each of them work on: Steve Kelly, maintenance, Dianne Costello, events; Shawn Hatton, boats; Marc Geritz, insurance; Len De Groot, web site (and ghost writer); Mellisa Vallelunga, social media.

Psst. It's your ghost writer here. Since this has turned into a post about giving thanks, I want to make sure Smiley gets his due. That guy puts a lot of work into herding us cats -- a thankless and exhausting task. He deserves a lot of credit for everything that gets done and his vision to prepare the lake for the next generation of members.

Wheel greasing: Dianne Galligani, she's always there when you need something, helping members, making sure that bills get paid.

Our volunteers: Some of you are aware that there is a core group of volunteers who donate their time every Wednesday to keep the lake maintained. For those of you who don't, I would like to introduce Bill Bamford, Jim Stephens and Mark Geritz. Please take a moment to thank them for their help if you run into them. They also need your help next year. Please contact any board member if you're interested in volunteering for a couple of hours on Wednesdays.

Fees are increasing

As discussed at our annual shareholder meeting, fees are increasing to help cover the increased costs of maintaining the lake. The fees listed below go into effect on Jan. 1, 2022.

  • Dues go from $300 to $350

  • Boat storage goes from $50 to $75

  • New member transfer fees will be $500. This fee is usually paid by the new member.

  • Any kind of name change and re-issue of a new certificate will be $100

  • If the board needs to move a boat to winter storage, there will be a $50 fee. Boats need to be moved off of the lake by Nov. 1 each year.

The lake during winter

The lake has been prepared and is ready for winter use. The gate will continue to work so feel free to walk the lake at any time.

  • Dogs are welcome at the lake but must remain on a leash. Please use the provided bags to pick up any waste.

  • The bathrooms are now closed.

  • If you have any chairs on the fence, please remove them.